Perhaps you have heard about the “Law of Attraction” which was recently made popular by the book, The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. The law of attraction simply states that “like” thoughts can attract “like” experiences. The problem is that some people have trouble manifesting their desires. I have included 3 key concepts below that go beyond The Secret and will allow you to expedite the process of manifesting the life of your dreams and unlock rapid manifestation.

1. Flow – Flow could be described as the pattern of events that take place in your life. Thanks to the concept of time we realize that there is only one direction in this experience much like a river flowing down a mountain. As we learn to adjust our thoughts and take control of our feelings we can learn to flow with life rather than trying to fight against the current. The terms “good” and “bad” are merely our personal subjective perceptions of specific events. What may seem to be “bad” could turn out to be a blessing in disguise. When circumstances in life seem to turn sour, remember the old adage, “Within every adversity is the seed of an equal or greater benefit”. Go with the flow and watch the law of attraction at work. Things don’t always manifest in the way that you expect them to.

2. Love – The law of attraction is really what the ancients referred to as the law of love. You attract what you love. Unfortunately though, sometimes things get tough and difficult situations arise. Maybe you’re frustrated because you’re not attracting the thing that you want. A lot of times when this happens we get a lot of negative energy grouped up inside of us and we need to find a way to let that negative energy out. Obviously, there are healthy ways to do this and unhealthy ways to do this but what is most important is that we don’t get wrapped up in the cycle. Releasing negative energy can feel really good, and we can even begin to subconsciously love the process of allowing negative circumstances to affect us emotionally just so that we have an excuse to vent it back out. This, in turn, attracts more negative circumstances. Instead, just focus on the things that you love throughout the day and nothing else. When something good happens or something just seems to go your way be sure to focus all your positive energy and feeling on that outcome. When an unfortunate situation arises, just accept it and get back to focusing on the things that you love.

3. Awareness – Find your frequency. The universe is always conspiring to bring into our experience the things that we are focusing our conscious thoughts on. Similar to the way a radio station tunes into different frequencies in order to play the music of our choice we can tune into the experience of our choice. The fact is that you are attracting what you are feeling. If you are sad, or depressed  then you are going to attract experiences that will support that feeling of sadness. If you are happy and feeling good then the universe will project into your experience more situations that provide good and happy feelings. If you find yourself on the wrong frequency then do whatever it takes to start feeling good again. Put on a good piece of music or look through some old family photos. Our experiences are a mirror of how we feel and think. Pay attention to your surroundings to find clues about what frequency you are on. That way you can gauge yourself accordingly. If lack and scarcity keep popping up in your experience then maybe it’s time for a frequency shift.

Source by Jay Wigginz