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we have been doing law of attraction training in the UK since 1997 and are going to put some law of attraction seminars on later this year: 2010.  If you are interested in law of attraction training in the UK then please sign up below and we will send you the information.  From the feedback we are getting people need some abundance tools and help with wealth so our first seminar will be an ABUNDANCE MINDSET SEMINAR.

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Law of Attraction Training Seminar 1

ABUNDANCE MINDSET SEMINAR:  if you are struggling to create the money that you want or have a lack of abundance in any area of your life this seminar will be for you.  We will cover:

1. Law of Attraction Evolution

2. The Conditions of Reality

3. Creating Your Abundance Mindset4. Removing Limiting Beliefs

5. Connecting To Your Inner Strength

6. The Law of Attraction in Business

7. Letting Go Of The Past: Creating Your Future

If this seminar interests you and you would like further details please add your information below.  This law of attraction training will be in the UK.

As NLP Master Practitioners and Master Hypnoterapists we will be able to help you gain the skills you need to create the mindset that you want.

if you have any questions about the law of attraction training we offer please email loatutor@hotmail.com


David and Ally

PS If you are interested in law of attraction training but not in how to create abundance, please sign up as we will be offering other law of attraction training too.