The law of attraction can be used to attract love. Not many people have thought about using the law of attraction for this purpose. The majority thinks it only applies to attracting money. Here’s a 5 step approach on how you can attract love into your life and experience true happiness.

Step 1 – Imagine your partner

Everyone has their own views on what the perfect partner is for them. So the first step is to define the type of person you want to attract. This is important as you don’t want to attract someone who you don’t like.

Once you know the personality and qualities of your love, it will be much easier for the Universe to manifest the person in your life.

You should know what your partner looks like, color of eyes, personality etc… Be very specific since you’ll be quite intimate with this person.

Step 2 – Imagine spending time with your partner

Your next step is to imagine that you’re spending time together with your love. If you’re standing at the bus stop, watching TV or even having a shower, play a scene of you and your love spending time together.

Imagine talking to each other and going out. You need to do this often so you are continuously using the law of attraction to attract your partner.

Step 3 – Act as though you’re spending time together

After imaging spending time with your love, now you need to act it out. When you walk past a nice restaurant, say to yourself that it’s a good idea to reserve a table for tonight for a romantic dinner.

If you see something nice, tell yourself that you may buy it to give your partner a surprise. If you’re going to see a movie, pretend that your love is sitting next to you.

You get the idea. Just act as though your partner is with you at all times.

Step 4 – Go to sleep visualizing your relationship

One of the best times to use the law of attraction is just before dropping off to sleep. This is because even when we sleep, we tend to think about the last thing we were focusing on.

So when you’re in bed, close your eyes and see yourself having dinner, talking and holding hands with your love. When you do this, play special attention to how you feel.

You should actually feel that this is really happening and you’re actually touching your partner. The more real the feeling is, the stronger the attraction is.

Step 5 – Expect to meet your love

Your final step is to expect to meet your love. When you meet up with a group of friends, sit on the bus or walk on the street, always expect that you will meet your ideal partner.

The more you carry out this expectation exercise, the more you will believe that it’s going to happen. The law of attraction cannot fail to manifest the partner for you. If you don’t have a shadow of a doubt, you will attract the love you want.

Source by Alan Cheng