What Is Spiritual Self Confidence and Why Do Your Need It With The Law of Attraction?

Spiritual Self Confidence and The Law of Attraction

Spiritual self confidence is the unwavering knowledge that you are, and are taking part in, a loving, beautiful and essential self created journey that extends beyond the physical world as well as being help within it.  The affects of that awareness lead you to a deep and intuitive confidence in your place in reality and because this unshakable deeply rooted knowledge is the power that drives the law of attraction in my life it becomes the starting point of my very existence.

So why is it important to explore spiritual self confidence with the the law of attraction?

The ability to conscious use the law of attraction demands that we have confidence in a deeper, more loving and more complex reality than we had first imagined but it also demands that we have spiritual self confidence:  a deeply embedded self confidence in ourselves and the journey that we are on is a necessity and this for many is an issue.

It is not that they do not believe they are on a spiritual path or that the law of attraction exists, it is just there is a lack of real and deeply held confidence in the process and the person.  Many would like to have confidence in themselves and reality but they just are not quite there: only a deeper understanding of the nature of reality and their own identity can build the confidence they need to find their place within reality and love the life you are creating. The law of attraction can give spiritual self confidence

Those who accept the more complex view of reality that encompasses the law of attraction, a deeper experience of consciousness and ultimately a very different world view can be prone to viewing themselves as ‘strange’ or ‘whacky’ or ‘different’.  These descriptions, however unconsciously lead to a lack of spiritual self confidence that limits the experiences and abilities of the individual and are the basis of the erosion of natural spiritual self confidence.  The term, ‘natural’ would be a great term to use I think.

Like many people, when I was growing up I had many out of body and spiritual experiences.  These experiences, owing to their extreme nature had two major effects on my life: led me accept my own immortality: caused great confusion and a lack of confidence in myself.   I am mentioning this because spiritual experiences and awakening do lead to confusion (which is good) but unless there is a responsive action to remove the confusion, our confidence can take a hit, leading to a lack of spiritual self confidence.

So how do you define your spiritual self confidence? Are you consciously or unconsciously undermining it or are you able to shout your understandings about reality from the rooftops if you wanted to? Only you know how deeply rooted your law of attraction understandings are or how deeply rooted your confidence is in your place in reality but it would be good for you to explore as it will unlock deeper spiritual and natural abilities within you.

Gain Your  Deeper Knowledge Of The Law of Attraction

The key is to take a little time to explore how you really feel about the law of attraction and your spiritual self confidence.  By exploring these concepts you will gain a deeper understanding of exactly where you are placed within reality and what you want to do about it but you have to be honest with yourself: identify where you are lacking confidence and then you can do something about it…

For me, the experiences throughout my life have shown me that reality is not physical and I am no more mortal than you are.  In the past I have allowed these understandings these understandings to make me feel different and undermine my self confidence: I did not have the chance to talk to others about these experiences and so isolated them within myself.

Thankfully, with effort, I have resolved these issues now by understanding them and exploring my feelings: in doing so, my spiritual self confidence and law of attraction powers are growing and they grow my life becomes what I dreamt it would be, an ever becoming actualization of the myself within physical form,

If you connect with these ideas take some time out of your day to explore where your spiritual self confidence is and let me know in the comments below,

Have a great day and be proud of yourself and your journey,


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The Truth About The Law of Attraction; being in the present moment.

Hi all,

on this post I wanted to be tell explore the ideas about the law of attraction and why it does not work in the way that is commonly taught.  Many of you will know this having tried to create events using affirmations etc so if you have explored the ideas around the law of attraction and found them wanting, this post may help you.


The more I work with these ideas in my own development the more I realise there are fundemental issues with the common approaches to the law of attraction and in all honesty the common aproaches can actually lead to more stress in a person’s life than before they uncovered the idea of the law of attraction: there can be a feeling of being left high and dry with only part of the puzzle uncovered and workable.

So here I would like to help you understand why a different approach will be beneficial to you.

The question I would ask is why do you want to create something else in your life other than you have now?   The answer is obvious, because you are not happy and you think you need something else, more money, health, a better relationship, a new relationship, what ever it is will make you happy.    However the fundemental issue here is this: the reason that you do not have what you want is that you are not happy with yourself NOW…and until you accept your perfection, beauty, grace, intelligence and love you will NEVER have what you want, the law of attraction will not work for you.

The issue is that most have got these ideas the wrong way around: you must love yourself, your life and reality first, then your life will naturally be filled with events and experiences that you will enjoy.  Do you see how this is different?

The key to having whatever you want in your life is to stop wanting and to accept the perfection of where you are right now and in doing that you stop the grasping and build a better relationship between yourself and your reality. The law of attraction tells us that you get what you focus on and the issue here is that knowing about the law of attraction without accepting the perfection of where you are right now, without accepting your own goodness and the goodnes of reality means that your efforts are doomed to failure and greater frustrations.

My advice then right now is to STOP trying to create anything. Just stop and take a week to re-asses your approach if it has not been working for you.  If you find yourself frustated then stop. Then try this:

1. Learn to stay present in the moment, just commit to this practice and learn to appreciate your perfection and the perfection of your life right now in each moment:  feel how it feels to be you and allow those feelings to deepen if you can.

2. Slow down as much as you can and relax: forget about the future and the past: forget trying to create anything: savour the moment.

3. Become more aware of your feelings and thoughts as they arise in the moment and learn to accept them and explore them. Become interested in who you are and why you are feeling and thinking:  ask yourself who is the thinking these thoughts?

4. Accept the goodness and beauty, the perfection and wisdom of reality and then accept yourself fullyand completely and part of that goodness and beauty, the perfection and wisdom that is you.

5.  Recognise yourself and reality is one: if you think reality,spirit,god or whatever you want to call it is wonderful, inteligent, loving, kind, passionate, alive, compassionate and exists at depths of beauty beyond your imagination, then accept these as descriptions of yourself and feel what that means to you.

In stopping trying to create anything you accept everything and in doing that you can learn to understand and accept your own deserving and wonderful nature.  The more you do that the more reality will fill your life with abundance and beauty, bringing what you want the most: a deep and satisfying sense of your own nature that has roots from the deepest parts of reality.

Please comment if you have anything to add, I would love to hear what you think,

enjoy, relax and be present